Night Fog is an underground label & distro dedicated to dark music : Cosmic, Esotheric, Medieval, Fantasy, Dungeon Synth, Dark Ambient, Ritual, Metal...

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"I started in underground Metal in the early 90's distributing and producing several Thrash/Death/Black-Metal & Grindcore compilations like Disgusting Diarrhoea I, II & III, and Doomed By The Living Dead, featuring essentially french bands.
In 2000, I created Moon Soon Records label & distro and i released, in conspiracy with Forgotten Wisdom Productions, The End 666 (Fr.) "Shudder" + "Speedcore Metal Hell"demo tapes, Imperial (Fr.) "The Red Moon" demo tape reissue, and Doomed By The Moonknights compil tape.
I decided to try again the adventure 20 years later by creating this new label, knowing that the era has changed a lot, the spirit and the interest in the underground being no longer what it used to be."