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CD :

AKERIUS (France) "Shadowed Paths Through Middle-Earth" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Dark Medieval Dungeon Synth. €10.00
ARCHENTERUM (France) "...Ainsi Fut Abîme" (Ltd. 200 ex.) Black/Death-Metal Industrial. €10.00
ARYOS (France) "Les Stigmates d'Hécate" Ritual Experimental Black-Metal. Second hand. €7.00
BOREALYS (Canada) "Là Où Les Eaux Se Séparent" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Atmospheric Black-Metal. MCD. €8.00
CRAG FORGE (U.S.A.) "Forbidden Crags" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Atmospheric and Epic Ambient Synth Dungeon. €10.00
CROWN OF ASTERIA (U.S.A.) "Ire Of A Bared Fang" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Re-release of this incredible Cascadian Black Metal Album. €10.00
DEAD SOULS RISING (France) "Ars Magica" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Cult Occult & Dark Goth Rock. Re-release of this incredible Album (1995). With the 1st Demo (1993) on bonus tracks. €10.00
ELSEETOSS (U.S.A.) "Elseetoss" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Atmospheric Appalachian Black-Metal. €10.00
FALGAR (U.S.A.) "De sangre y sol" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Enchanting Ambient Neo-folk. €10.00
FOGHORN (France) "Le sang versé" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Pure Fucking Black-Metal. MCD. €8.00
GARGOYLIUM (France) "De Cheminements Et De Batailles" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Fantastic Medieval Epic & Melancholic Dungeon Music. €10.00
GARGOYLIUM (France) "Mon Royaume" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Fantastic Medieval Epic & Melancholic Dungeon Music. €10.00
GORGON (France) "The Spectral Voices" (Ltd. 1000 ex.) A5 digipak. Cult Black Metal. Reissue of their 4th album. €10.00
GORGON (France) "The Jackal Pact" (Ltd. 1000 ex.) A5 digipak. Cult Black Metal. Reissue of their 3rd album. €10.00
HAXAN DREAMS (Finland) "Path Through the Realm" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Occult & Mysterious Dungeon Synth. €10.00
IDOLOS (France) "Naa" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Hyperborean Cosmic Black Metal. MCD. €8.00
INGVARR (Italy) "The Hopeless Resistance Of Emberdrin's Army" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Epic Dungeon Synth. €10.00
LA BALLADE DES RATS (France) "Rattus Sapiens" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Black Metal in its purest form. €10.00
LA BALLADE DES RATS (France) "Rattus Furax" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Black Metal in its purest form. €10.00
LITANIE (France) "Ad Absolutam Essentiae" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Killer Occult / Ritual Black Metal. €10.00
MINITEL (France) "Abîmes" (Ltd. 300 ex.) Dark Ambient/Droning Industrial. €10.00
PIAREVARACIEN (Belarus) "Spadčyna / Heritage" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Nordic Folk. A5 digipack. €10.00
SCHATTENFESTUNG (Germany) "...In Desolate Remains..." (Ltd. 500 ex.) Mystical Lower Saxonian Atmospheric Black Metal with Ambient Parts. €10.00
SOMBRE PRÉSAGE (France) "Necrodrone" Dark Ambient/Droning Industrial. MCD. €8.00
SOMBRE PRÉSAGE (France) "Autre Temps" Dark Ambient/Drone. €10.00
SOMBRE PRÉSAGE (France) "Errance" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Dark Ambient/Drone/Black-Metal/Experiemental. €10.00
TORCHLIGHT (Italy) "The Long Quest" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Mysterious Italian Medieval Dungeon Synth. €10.00
URRNIL (France) "Quest of the Silvern Stallion" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Epic Dungeon Synth and Orchestral Fantasy Music. €10.00
VETRAHEIMR (Sweden) "The Renegade" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Marvelous Nostalgic & Melancholic Ambient Folk / Dungeon Synth. €10.00
VINTLECHKEIT (Norway) "Kald Og Dod..." (Ltd. 100 ex.) Arctic Atmospheric Black-Metal. €10.00
WINTAAR (Russia) "Frostland" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Fantastic Frost Black Metal. Initially release under the old Name of the Band "W". €10.00
WINTAAR (Russia) "Into Darkness We Return" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Black Metal. €10.00
WINTAAR (Russia) "Northernmight" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Killer frost raw Black Metal. €10.00
WITCHES MOON (U.S.A.) "A Storm Of Golden Mare And Black Cauldron" (Ltd. 500 ex.) Fantastic Esoteric Psychedelic Black-Metal. Second hand €5.00

Cassette :

MONDFINSTERNIS (Russia) "Nocturne" (Ltd. 51 ex.) Dungeon Synth/Dark Ambient. €7.00
VINTLECHKEIT (Norway) "Is Vidder..." (Ltd. 50 ex.) Arctic Atmospheric Black-Metal. €30.00

7"EP :

SEEDS OF IBLIS (Iraq) "Jihad Against Islam" (Ltd. 300 ex.) Black-Metal. Second hand €25.00

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